VIDEO | Dana White: ‘I believe that every man should teach his son how to fight’

UFC President Dana White is always one to speak his mind.

While talking recently with Graham Bensinger, White was asked how fighting in the UFC is compared in terms of safety to boxing and playing football in the NFL.

White mocks the comparison and questions how he would even compare fighting in the UFC to playing badminton or cheerleading.

“In the 18-year history, even in the crazy days when you’re talking about groin shots and headbutting and everything else, there has never been a death or a serious injury in the UFC,” White told Bensinger. “I don’t know what other sports can say that.”

White went on to say that his son plays football but he would rather have him training in fighting rather than getting on the gridiron.

“I would prefer he train in fighting and do that than play football,” said White.

Bensinger questions him and asked, “Really?”

“Oh Hell yes,” White affirmed.

“The thing about fighting is I think every man should teach his son how to fight. Every man should teach his son how to fight. And even, you know, he’s not going to become a professional fighter, I don’t think, but he’ll know how to fight for the rest of his life. It’s with you forever. Football isn’t with you for the rest of your life.”

Video | Anderson Silva
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