VIDEO | Chinese MMA coach vs. Tai Chi master fight ends in seconds

Styles make fights, right?

Well, in this case, two styles that clashed in a challenge didn’t make for much of a fight.

According to Daily Mail, 38-tear-old Xu Xiaodong is a former Chinese MMA fighter turned MMA coach and wanted to prove a point to 41-year-old Wei Lei, a self-proclaimed Tai Chi master. Xiaodong started beef with the Tai Chi master on the Chinese social media platform Weibo and claimed that Lei’s fighting style was a scam and that the fighting style served no actual purpose for combat.

Lei claimed to have invented his own “thunder-style” martial arts and was insulted by Xiaodong’s comments and challenged Xiaodong to a fight to prove his martial arts style was effective in a fight.

tai chi master vs mma fighter

In the video above, you see how the fight that took place on Thursday in Sichuan Province, south-east China, started and ended rather quickly with the fight being stopped with Xiaodong unleashing a barrage of strikes to the downed Tai Chi master.

Xiaodong, is nicknamed the “Mad Man” for his backlash on traditional martial arts, told reporters, “It costs over 10,000 yuan to learn such Tai Chi, which does not deliver in real combat.”

‘They (the Tai Chi masters) are just brainwashing the citizens, and I have to show people it is a scam,” added Xiaodong.

Wei said in an interview with Legal Evening News, “He didn’t hit me when I was standing. I only got hit when I fell on the floor, and I didn’t get hurt.”

Although Wei seemed to disregard Xiaodong’s win, the Tai Chi master did acknowledge the styles did not match in terms of effectiveness in an actual fight but did stand by his traditional martial arts style as not being fraudulent.

tai chi mma fight

“I have to agree that what we teach does not match up with modern, competitive fighting, but we (Tai Chi masters) are not fraudsters,” said Wei.

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This article first appeared on on 5/3/2017.

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