EXCLUSIVE | Colby Covington promises to bring entertainment back to the UFC

Colby Covington, Jon Jones

Colby Covington is known for his trash talk. He is seemingly always calling out several fighters at a time and saying he is the best fighter on the planet. However, Covington hasn’t been able to back that up since his last fight in which he won the interim welterweight title in June against Rafael Dos Anjos. Since then, he was supposed to fight Tyron Woodley but Woodley took on Darren Till instead.

Now, it is a waiting game for Covington. The current plan is for ‘Chaos’ to fight Woodley in the early part of 2019.

Meanwhile, since his last fight, Covington has had a hard time tuning in to watch UFC events. And he knows UFC fans feel the same way and can’t wait for March 3, when he will return to the Octagon.

“Just gotta be patient. Wait for March 3rd, man,” Covington said on BJPENN Radio. “I’m telling you, there’s a storm that’s building.”

As for why Covington finds it hard to watch UFC events, the answer is simple.

“I’m sorry I can’t entertain all your guys’ lives, and I’m sorry what you guys have to deal with right now in the UFC. It’s boring,” he added. “There’s just no…there’s no entertainment. It’s just…it sucks, man. It’s like, it’s hard to even turn on the TV and watch UFC. Like, all these fighters, they just want things handed to ’em.”

Covington knows exactly why the UFC has been boring. One reason is that he hasn’t fought in months. While he also believes a big reason why is fighters don’t care to promote their fights anymore. They believe the promotion should do all the promoting, while the fighters don’t trash talk either. Put all that together, and Covington isn’t too happy with other UFC fighters.

“They don’t wanna go out there and earn it for themselves. They don’t wanna go promote, they don’t wanna sell fights,” he said. “There’s just no storylines and no drama. But, don’t worry, guys. I’m here to save the day. I’m gonna make UFC great again soon, and I’ll be back soon. Just hold on for me. Just bear with me.”

Once Covington vs. Woodley gets officially booked, it will be the biggest fight of Covington’s career. Ultimately, ‘Chaos’ is more than ready. All the promoting and the trash talking will finally be resolved inside the Octagon. Once Covington steps foot in there, he knows a whole bunch of new UFC fans will be watching him.


This article first appeared on BJPenn.com on 11/20/2018

This article appeared first on BJPENN.COM