UFN 89 Results: Ali Bagautinov defeats Geane Herrera via decision

Ali Bagautinov

A flyweight bout between Ali Bagautinov (14-4 MMA) and Geane Herrera (9-2 MMA) kicked off tonight’s UFC Fight Night 89 event in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

Bagautinov came out on fire in the bout’s opening round, scoring some terrific strikes while standing before eventually taking Herrera to the ground. The former title challenger landed some excellent ground and pound before the bell rang to end round one.

Round two begins and Bagautinov once again gets off to a quick a start with good leg kicks and some timely shots. Ali shoots in and takes Herrera to the ground. Herrera locks in a reverse triangle and it is tight. Ali is able to fight off the submission and take top control. Herrera is able to reverse the position but Ali quickly sweeps him landing back in half guard. Bagautinov with some short shots from the top. Ali gets his arms free and lands some thunderous shots on Herrera. Herrera survives the onslaught and gets back to his feet. He lands a flying knee on Bagautinov. Ali takes it and moves forward. Round two comes to an end.

Round three begins and Bagautinov opens things with a stiff leg kick. Herrera has taken the center of the octagon. Herrera with a spinning wheel kick attempt that misses. Ali with a nice kick to the body. Bagautinov with a leg kick and then a jab. Two more kick from Ali. Herrera with a flying knee attempt. He lands a elbow and then another knee. Ali presses him against the fence. Ali with a takedown. He moves to half guard. Shots from the top by Bagautinov. Herrera sweeps and gets back to his feet. Ali with a nice knee. He follows up with another takedown. Herrera catches him in a brutal shoulder lock. This submission is sunk in. Somehow Ali fights it off. He survives the late scare and round three comes to an end.

Ali Bagautinov defeats Geane Herrera via decision

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