UFN 83 Results: Dennis Bermudez defeats Tatsuya Kawajiri via decision

By Chris Taylor - February 21, 2016

Featherweights Dennis Bermudez (15-5 MMA) and Tatsuya Kawajiri (35-9-2 MMA) went to war on the ‘UFC Fight Night 83’ main card in Pittsburgh.

Round one begins and Bermudez moves forward and throws a front kick to the body of Kawajiri. Good leg kick from Bermudez. Kaajiri just misses with a spinning back fist. Front kick from the veteran Kawajiri. Bermudez takes the back of Kawajiri and gets him down to the ground. The Japanese veteran slips out and winds up on top. Bermudez is hanging on to the left arm of Kawajiri. Tatsuya gets his arm free but Bermudez scrambles and gets back to his feet. Kawajiri working hard for a takedown but Dennis is defending. Tatsuya keeps the pressure on and eventually drags Dennis down. Bermudez fights his way back to his feet but Kawajiri picks him up and tosses him back down. Dennis pops back up to his feet and the horn sounds to end round one.

Round two begins and Bermudez lands a superman punch to start. He presses Kawajiri up against the fence. Tatsuya switches the position and shoots for a takedown. Guillotine attempt from Bermudez. He lets go and lands a big right hand. Good knee to the body scores for Bermudez. Nice leg kick from Dennis. Kawajiri misses with a spinning back fist and shoots in for a takedown. Dennis stuff it. They begins to battle in the clinch and Kawajiri is pressing for a takedown. Bermudez is defending well and now landing some big shots from the position. Kawajiri still trying for the takedown but it’s Bermudez who is landing the shots. Elbows and punches are landing at will for Bermudez. Kawajiri just will not give up on the takedown. Dennis takes his back but only momentarily. Now he has a hook in and is raining down strikes. Bermudez rolls and takes the back of Kawajiri. He lands more punches to close out round two.

Round three begins and Bermudez again first fires with a super man punch. He follows that up with a takedown. He gets it and starts to work from the guard. Kawajiri scrambles and gets back to his feet. he starts working for a takedown on Bermudez. Dennis defends and pushes Kawajiri against the fence. Kawajiri looking for a guillotine but it’s not there. Bermudez with a body kick but he slips. He gets up and takes down Kawajiri. The Japanese veteran is back up and is forced to block a high kick for his troubles. Huge leg kick scores for Dennis. He follows that with a right hand and then shoots in and scores a takedown. Kawajiri is working his way back to his feet. He gets up but eats some big right hands from Dennis. Bermudez shoots in and scores another takedown. Good shots to close out the final round by Bermudez.

Dennis Bermudez defeats Tatsuya Kawajiri via decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)


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