UFC Hidalgo Results: Roan Carneiro defeats Kenny Robertson via split-decision

By Chris Taylor - September 17, 2016

A welterweight bout between Roan Carneiro and Kenny Robertson took place on tonight’s UFC Fight Night 94 main card in Hidalgo, Texas.

Round one begins and Robertson pushes Roan against the cage. Carneiro quickly switches the position and ends up scoring a takedown. Roan immediately moves to half guard and works some shots from the top. Robertson scrambles and gets back up to his feet. Roan lands a crisp jab. Robertson replies with an overhand left. Carneiro circles away and lands a solid leg kick. Kenny has his hands low but is applying the pressure here. The fighters trade shots. Roan retreats. Carneiro is looking to counter Kenny as he comes in. Some good shots land for Robertson. Roan needs to circle away from the cage and he finally does. Carneiro lands a nice leg kick to end round one.

Round two begins and Kenny immediately comes forward with pressure. Roan just misses with a big counter left hand. He follows up with a right hand that lands however and Kenny didn’t like that. Robertson backs up and Roan dives in and scores a nice takedown. He begins working from full guard but Robertson is able to land a beautiful sweep and wind up in half guard. Robertson immediately begins landing some short elbows from the position. Roan is able to scramble and get back to full guard. Carneiro is doing a good job of keeping Robertson from doing any significant damage. Roan scores a beautiful sweep and winds up in full mount with a full minute to go. Carneiro lands some decent short shots from the top. He needs to posture up and rain down some big blows. He is unable to do so and round two comes to an end.

Round three begins and Carneiro is able to score an early takedown. Robertson quickly sweeps Roan and gets back up to his feet. Carneiro lands a nice right hand. Robertson continues to press forward. He lands a jab but Roan fires back with a big combination that lands flush. Carneiro shoots in for a takedown attempt but Kenny is not having it. The fighters break and Roan lands another nice jab. Robertson presses forward and lands a left. Roan fires back with a leg kick. Kenny is still the aggressor in this fight which could play a big part if this goes to a judges decision. Roan with a jab and Kenny counters with a left. Robertson lands a leg kick but then eats a jab from Carneiro. Roan ducks under a punch and shoots in for a takedown. Kenny stuffs the attempt and the fighters miss with final striking attempts to end round three.


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