UFC Fight Night 98 Results: Sam Alvey defeats Alex Nicholson

A middleweight scrap between Sam Alvey and Alex Nicholson served as the featured bout of the UFC Fight Pass portion of tonight’s UFC Fight Night 98 event in Mexico City.

Round one begins and Nicholson lands a low kick to start. He follows that up with a nice kick to the body of Sam. Alvey leans forward with a jab to the chest. He connects with a counter right hand. Nicholson scores with a push kick. Alvey with another lead jab to the body. Alvey just misses with a right hand. He lands another body shot. Nicholson with a high kick which is blocked. He throws another and this one lands. Alvey eats it and throws a jab. Sam with a nice low kick. Nicholson returns fire with a high kick. Both men land hooks. Sam with a low kick. Alex replies with one of his own, he presses forward but eats a left. Nicholson with a low kick that connects to the groin of Sam. The referee steps in and we have a break. Alvey says he is good to go and we restart. Nicholson misses with a high kick but lands a kick to the body. Alvey comes in with a right. He connects with an uppercut but Alex lands a spinning back fist and then a nice body shot. Alvey cringes. That body shot hurt. He backs up. Nicholson comes forward with a kick to the body. Alvey returns fire with a nice right hand. He shoots for a takedown. It is not there. Alvey lands a short left. Round two comes to an end.

Round three begins and Alvey lands a left hand. Both men trade jabs. Alex presses forward. Alvey is circling and looking to counter. Alex with a nice low kick. Sam responds with one of his own. Alvey with a left hand and then another. He needs to follow up on these shots when they connect. Alvey with another left and then a leg kick. Alex presses forward but eats a left. Nicholson is applying all the pressure but he is getting countered. Alex with a nice body kick but Sam respond with a combo that lands. Two minutes remain in the fight. Alvey goes to the body with a jab. Alex misses with a high kick. Alvey with another stiff left hand. He circles away as Alex chases after him. Nicholson with a jab. Sam lands a right and then a low kick. Another nice left from Alvey. Alex leaps forward with a knee. Alvey with a low kick. The horn sounds to end round three.