UFC Fight Night 93 Results: Jack Hermansson defeats Scott Askham

A fight between middleweights Scott Askham and Jack Hermansson served as the second bout of UFC Hamburg.

Round one begins and Hermansson lands back-to-back leg kicks to start. Askham lands a kick to the body. Scott has take control of the center of the octagon but Jack is circling well and countering with kicks. Askham lands a nice left jab. He follows that up with a strong shot to the body of Jack. Hermansson replies with a kick and then shoots in for a takedown. He doesn’t get Askham to the floor but has him pressed against the cage. The fighters break and Askham lands a nice uppercut. Jack answers with a solid leg kick. Askham presses Jack against the cage and begins working some knees. The fighters break and round one comes to an end.

Round two begins and Scott lands a solid body kick to start. Hermansson responds with a nice body kick and then three low kicks in a row. Askham presses forward and lands a jab. He goes upstairs with a kick but misses. Scott fakes a takedown and lands a nice right hand. Hermansson replies with a big right hand. Askham attempts anothers high kick but misses. Scott shoots in for a single leg but it is not there. Jack with a nice combination, Scott didn’t like that. Hermansson with another big right hand this time a hook. He follows that up with a big uppercut as the fighters clinch. Nice knees and body shots inside from Hermansson. The fighters break after a nasty elbow lands for Jack. Askham lands a leg kick and throws a jab. Hermansson ducks under and lands some solid shots inside. Jack shoots for a takedown but after a scramble Scott winds up on top. Askham with a heel hook attempt, but the horn sounds to end round two before he could secure it.

Round three begins and Hermansson presses forward with some big body shots. Askham lands a nice knee but Jack is relentless and ends up scoring a takedown. Hermansson is working from half guard but Askham grabs a leg and attempts a toe hold submission. He uses the attempt to get back to his feet. Jack is instantly back in Scott’s face with some body shots and knees. He presses Askham against the cage. The fighters break and Hermansson lands some big shots. A right hand and then an uppercut. Hermansson has Askham back against the cage and is unloading some serious strikes. Askham switches the position and searches for a takedown. It is not there and Jack dives for a single leg takedown. He cannot secure it and Scott presses him against the cage. Nice knees inside from Askham. The fighters break and Hermansson lands a big right hand. The horn sounds to end the contest.

Hermansson defeats Askham via decision (30-27 x 3)