UFC Fight Night 93 Results: Josh Barnett submits Andrei Arlovski

Josh Barnett wins

Two former UFC heavyweight champions squared off in the main event of UFC Fight Night 93 as Andrei Arlovski and Josh Barnett went to war in Hamburg, Germany.

Round one begins and Barnett presses forward and lands an uppercut that staggers Arlovski. Josh rushes in but eats a shot from Andrei that puts Barnett on wobbly legs. Another right hand from Barnett has Arlovski rocked as he drops to one knee. He stands up and the fighters clinch up in an attempt to gather their senses. Barnett pushes Andrei against the cage and lands some foot stomps. Josh with a nice knee inside. Arlovski scores a trip and winds up in top position. He is working from half guard. Andrei stands up and delivers some standing shots to his grounded opponent. Arlovski has a big cut on the top of his forehead. He is bleeding pretty badly. The referee steps in and tells Josh to stand up. Arlovski lands a big right hand and then a follow up combination. Josh smiles and tags him with a left hand. Josh shoots in and drives Arlovski up against the fence. Round one comes to an end.

Round two begins and Barnett connects with an overhand right. Josh presses Andrei against the fence and searches for a takedown. The referee steps in and tells the fighters to break. Both men trade shots and then Josh presses Andrei back against the cage. Some short knees inside from Barnett. Arlovski lands a trip but Barnett scrambles and winds up on top. Josh moves immediately to full mount position. One minute remains in round two. Josh lands some good short shots to the head and body of Arlovski. Big shots from Josh. He is battering Andrei here. Ten seconds remain. More shots from Barnett but Arlovski survives.

Round three begins and Josh lands a nice right jab to start. Arlovksi fires back with a big right hand. A nice combo from Andrei. Josh replies with an uppercut. Big shots and then a knee from Arlovski. Josh turns his back and Arlovski is on him. Andrei presses him against the cage. Josh uses a trip to wind up on top against the fence. He is looking to secure a kimura. Josh moves to mount with two minutes left. He lands some shots. Arlovski gives up his back and Josh taps him out with a rear-naked choke.