UFC Fight Night 92 Results: Dennis Bermudez defeats Rony Jason

A featherweight bout between Dennis Bermudez and Rony Jason served as the co-main event of tonight’s UFC Fight Night 92 event in Salt Lake City.

Round one begins and Bermudez lands a jab to start. He lands a kick to the body of Jason. Rony fires back with a kick of his own. Bermudez pumps a double jab. He presses forward and lands a kick to the body. Jason counters with a right hand. Rony with a nice jab. Dennis lands a solid leg kick. He shoots in for a takedown and gets it. Bermudez with a big shot from the top. Rony is searching for an armbar. It is not there. More shots from the top by Dennis. Nice elbows from Bermudez. Jason is split wide open. He is bleeding badly. More shots from Dennis. Jason is defending well but is all sorts of busted up. Round one comes to an end.

Round two begins and Jason opens things up with a body kick. Dennis comes in with a kick but eats a big right hand. Bermudez takes it and scores a takedown. He is looking to take the back of Jason. Shots from the top by Dennis. Jason stands back up but Dennis has him pressed against the cage. They break and Dennis comes forward with a big leg kick. Rony with a kick to the body. Bermudez lands a nice kick to the leg and then to the body. Dennis shoots in and scores with a single leg. Bermudez is working from full guard. Jason scrambles and escapes. Bermudez takes Jason back to the ground but Rony pops right back up. Dennis shoots in and attempts a takedown. It is not there. Jason with a kick to the body. Dennis replies with one of his own. He shoots in and scores a takedown to end round two.

Round three begins and Dennis comes forward with a shot to the body. He follows up with a leg kick. Jason lands a knee inside. Another leg kick from Bermudez. And another. Dennis with a nice combination. He scores with another leg kick and then one to the body. Bermudez with a jab. He shoots in but the takedown is not there. Jason is looking for a choke but Dennis defends and they break. Big shots from both fighters. Dennis lands a hook. Bermudez shoots in but Jason is able to switch and wind up in mount. He takes the back of Dennis. Two minutes remain. He lands some big shots from the top. He looks for a rear-naked choke. Bermudez scrambles and winds up on top. Some short shots from the top by Bermudez. Round three comes to an end.

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