UFC Fight Night 100 Results: Ryan Bader TKO’s Antonio Rogerio Nogueira

By Chris Taylor - November 19, 2016

A light heavyweight rematch between Ryan Bader and Antonio Rogerio Nogueira served as the main event of tonight’s historic UFC Fight Night 100 card in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Round one begins and Bader lands a leg kick to start. He lands another. He attempts to go upstairs with a high kick but it is blocked. Bader leaps in with an overhand right but it misses. Ryan lands a hard jab. Nogueira scores with a counter left. Lil Nog presses forward. Bader circles away and paws with a jab. He lunges forward with a right but it misses. Nogueira tags Bader with a left and Ryan shoots in and scores a big takedown. Bader working from half guard. He lands some good shots from the top. Bader switches from lefts to rights and begins raining down some massive shots. Lil Nog is in all sorts of trouble here. A massive elbow lands for Bader. He is just dropping bombs now. Nogueira is still defending but is busted up bad. Bader traps Nog’s right arm. Antonio gets it free. Bader moves to side control. Round one comes to an end.

Round two begins and Bader presses forward with a jab and then a head kick. He ducks under a punch and secure a takedown. Lil Nog pops back up but Bader slams him right back down. Again Nogueira is able to wall-walk and get back up. But again Bader slams him right back down. Good shots from the top by Bader. He lands a brutal elbow. Bader moves to mount. Antonio scrambles and gets back to half guard. He tries to stand up but Bader takes his back. Ryan locks in a rear-naked choke but Lil Nog somehow fights it off. More shots from Bader now. He takes the back of Nogueira and lands an uppercut. Bader rolls Rogerio over and works some ground and pound. Round two comes to an end.

Round three begins and Bader throws a head kick that is partially blocked. He lands a follow up right hand and then a big body kick. Bader scores a slick takedown and transitions to side control. Antonio gets to half guard but is eating some ground and pound for his troubles. Big elbows now for Bader. He begins teeing off on Rogerio. The referee steps in to stop the beatdown. This one is over.

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