VIDEO | UFC Belfast Results: Alexander Volkov defeats Timothy Johnson via split-decision (highlights)

A heavyweight tilt between Timothy Johnson and Alexander Volkov took place on today’s UFC Fight Night 99 main card in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Round one begins and Volkov immediately presses forward and lands a right. Johnson circles away but Alexander quickly follows up and throws a knee to the body. Volkov presses forward with a combination that lands. He presses Timothy against the cage and begins working some big uppercuts inside. Johnson grabs a hold of an arm and looks for a kimura. The fighters break from the cage and Johnson lands a massive uppercut that drops Alexander. Timothy rushes in with some ground and pound a Volkov is in all sorts of trouble. Alexander is surviving here but eating some big shots from Johnson. Tim is working from full guard now. Volkov is able to wall-walk and get back to his feet. He presses Johnson against the fence and works some short shots. Round one comes to an end.

Round two begins and Volkov presses forward. Johnson leaps in with a right and then some follows up shots that partially land. Volkov clinches up with Tim and presses the American against the fence. Alexander is looking for a takedown. He gives up on that and throws a knee. Johnson switches the position and presses Volkov against the cage. Tim is looking for a single leg here. He gets it. He begins working some short shots. Volkov springs back to his feet. Johnson still has him pressed against the cage here. Alexander switches the position and then the referee steps in and forces the fighters to break. Johnson fakes a takedown and lands a nice uppercut. Volkov presses forward and lands a knee inside. He presses Johnson against the cage and begins working some short shots. Johnson pushes Volkov off and lands another big right hand. Alexander eats the shot and presses forward with punches of his own. Johnson lands a nice straight left. Volkov misses with a front kick. The fighters exchange jabs to close out round two.

Round three begins and Johnson lands a leg kick but eats a left from Volkov. Alexander again is applying the forward pressure. Tim misses with a kick. Volkov presses the action but almost gets clipped with a right. He lands a high kick and then a low kick on Tim. He shoots in and presses Johnson against the fence. Johnson lands a couple of knees inside. Volkov is searching for a trip. He doesn’t land it but gets the back of Johnson. Tim shakes him off and breaks free. Volkov presses forward with a combo. He follows that up with a big knee to the body of Johnson. The fighters clinch and Volkov drives Johnson up against the cage. Some good short shots here from Volkov. They break and Johnson misses with a side kick. He leaps forward and throws a right that misses. Volkov with a nice low kick and then a high kick. Johnson leaps in with a punch and Volkov looks to be slightly rocked. He charges forward and presses Tim against the fence. Tim switches the position and shakes free of Volkov. Alexander lands a knee and round three comes to an end.