UFC Belfast Results: Gegard Mousasi defeats Uriah Hall in rematch

Gegard Mousasi

A middleweight rematch between Gegard Mousasi and Uriah Hall served as the main event of today’s UFC Fight Night 99 fight card in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Round one begins and Hall misses with a high kick to start. Mousasi lands a low kick and Hall returns fire with one of his own. Another leg kick from Hall. Mousasi presses forward and Hall misses with a wild spinning kick. Gegard with a nice jab. Hall lands a hard low kick that stops Mousasi in his tracks. Gegard responds with a good leg kick of his own. He lands a huge jab on Hall. Hall launches a spinning head kick and it partially lands. Uriah follows that up with a hard leg kick. Mousasi misses with an attempted combination. Another good leg kick scores for Hall. Gegard charges forward but misses with a right hand. Hall with another low kick and then ducks under and moves away from a Mousasi counter. Gegard misses with a jab and then eats a pair of low kicks. Hall goes upstairs with a high kick that misses. Gegard charges forward and shoots for a takedown. He presses Uriah against the cage and drags him to the floor. He begins working some short right hands and a few knees to the body. Big shots from Mousasi from the top and this one is over!

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