UFC 206 Results: Emil Meek defeats Jordan Mein via decision (Highlights)

By Chris Taylor - December 10, 2016

A welterweight scrap between Jordan Mein and Emil Meek kicked off tonight’s UFC 206 main card in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Round one begins and both fighters throw leg kicks to start. Meek goes upstairs with a head kick that is blocked. Mein with a hard kick. Meek responds with one of his own. Mein with a takedown. He lets Meek back up and drills him with a jab. Both men trade leg kicks. Mein shoots in and scores another easy takedown. He moves immediately to side control. He transitions to north-south position. Meek scrambles and gets back to his feet. He lands a nice right hand that rocks Mein. Meek with a left hand he presses forward with a leg kick. Jordan fires back with a combination and then a huge left hand. Meek replies with a hard body kick. Mein fires back with a low kick and then a jab to the body. Meek with a jab but Mein ducks under and lands another easy takedown. He scrambles to the back of Meek. Emil screamed during the transition. He gets back to his feet and Jordan greets him with a hard left. Meek lands a huge shot that rocks Mein. Jordan laughs and circles away. Meek with a pair of nice leg kicks to end round one.

Round two begins and Meek comes out firing bombs. He is applying a ton of forward pressure here. He misses with a straight right. Mein with a low kick and another. Meek replies with one of his own. Mein with a counter left hand. Meek charges forward with punches and then shoots in and scores a takedown. He begins working some ground and pound. He moves to half guard. Mein is doing a good job of defending here. Meek is working some short strikes now. Nothing significant yet. Mein works his way back to full guard but Meek immediately moves back to half guard. Meek is looking to secure an arm triangle choke. He sinks it in but Mein scrambles and escapes the submission attempt. Meek continues to work some short shots before the horn sounds to end round two.

Round three begins and Meek starts things off with a leg kick. He is continuing to apply the pressure here. Mein fires off a kick to the body. Meek shoots in for a takedown but Mein defends. A good low kick scores for Emil. He charges forward and presses Mein against the fence. Jordan breaks free and lands a right hand and then a left. He circles out but Meek dives in and scores another takedown. Meek begins working from full guard. He lands a couple of short shots to the body. He switches to elbows to the body. Mein is holding on hoping for a stand-up. Two minutes remain. More shorts shots from Meek. He lands an elbow to the face of Mein.

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