UFC 199 Results: Dan Henderson KO’s Hector Lombard

By Chris Taylor - June 4, 2016

A middleweight bout between former Strikeforce champion Dan Henderson (32-14 MMA) and former Bellator title holder Hector Lombard (34-6-1 MMA) took place at tonight’s UFC 199 event in Los Angeles.

Round one begins and both fighters throw right hands that just miss. Hendo connects with a short right hand. Lombard presses forward. Lombard with a big leg kick. Hendo replies with a huge right that stuns Lombard. Henderson rushes in but gets caught by a Lombard left hand. He drops to the canvas. Lombard follows him to the ground. He gets him in a crucifix. Lombard with big shots from the top. Henderson escapes and gets up to his feet. Lombard hits him with a big combo. Hendo is rocked. His legs are jelly. Lombard with more big shots. Hendo hits the floor again. Lombard with some shots from full guard. Henderson is utilizing some good defense. Round one comes to an end.

Round two begins and Henderson starts things off with a leg kick. He lands another kick and misses with a big right hand. Both men are trying to land that one big shot to end it. Hendo misses with a right. Lombard lands a left jab and then a leg kick. Big head kick lands for Henderson. He follows up with an elbow. Lombard is out cold!

Dan Henderson KO’s Hector Lombard at 1:27 of round two


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