UFC Fight Night 119 Results: Francisco Trinaldo defeats Jim Miller

By Chris Taylor - October 28, 2017

A lightweight scrap between Jim Miller and Francisco Trinaldo took place on tonight’s UFC Fight Night 119 main card from Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Round one begins and Miller leaps in with a right. Trinaldo fires off a combination that ends in a hard left hand. Francisco throws a kick but Miller catches it and scores a takedown. They scramble and Trinaldo is able to take top position. He begins working from full guard. Miller lands an elbow from the bottom. Trinaldo postures up and shortly after both men are back on their feet. Miller with a low kick. Francisco replies with a nice combination. He presses forward and faints with a kick. Miller catches him with a right hand over the top and then lands a beautiful double leg takedown. Miller is working from full guard now. Two minutes remain in the opening round. Trinaldo scrambles back up to his feet. The fighters clinch along the fence. Round one comes to an end.

Round two begins and Trinaldo pushes forward. He lands a front kick to the face of Miller. Jim circles out. He takes the center of the octagon. Miller with a right hand that misses the mark. Both fighters stand in the pocket and exchange and Miller lands a hard right hook. Trinaldo fires back with a counter left that lands flush. He pushes forward but eats an inside low kick from Miller. Francisco is pawing with his jab now. He lands a low kick but Miller connects with a right hand. Trinaldo goes to the body with a hook. He follows that up with a right hand and then a low kick. Both men land left hands. Miller shoots in and scores a takedown. He drops for a guillotine choke but Trinaldo escapes and winds up in top position. Francisco is working from half guard now. Miller scrambles back to full guard position. Trinaldo steps over in to half guard and begins working some elbows. Round two comes to an end.

Round three begins and Miller fires off a low kick. Trinaldo fires off a front kick that just misses. The Brazilian leaps in with a right hand followed by a knee. Miller looks for a takedown but it is not there. Trinaldo works some shots to the body. He lands a clean left hand. Miller fires back with a pair of low kicks. Trinaldo just walks through those and lands some more punches. The fighters clinch. Miller throws a punch to the body. The break and Trinaldo lands a crisp jab. Miller looks tired here. He presses Francisco against the cage. Trinaldo switches the position. Miller with some knees in the clinch. The fighters break and Trinaldo catches a kick and scores a takedown. This is not good for Miller. Trinaldo is working from full guard. He lands a couple of elbows from the top. Hammer fists now from the Brazilian. He switches back to elbows. Miller attempts to scramble but he has nothing left. This one is going to the judges.

Francisco Trinaldo defeats Jim Miller via decision

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