UFC 214 Results: Brian Ortega submits Renato Moicano (Highlights)

A featherweight scrap between Renato Moicano and Brian Ortega took place on tonight’s UFC 214 prelims in Anaheim, California.

Round one begins and Ortega misses with an early left jab attempt. Moicano with a leg kick. Ortega comes forward but eats a combination from Renato. Ortega with a nice right hand in response. Renato comes forward again and fires off another combination that culminates with a right hand. Ortega circles and then presses forward. Moicano fakes with a takedown but Brian catches him with a right hand. Ortega pushes forward but ends up poking Renato in the eye. We break briefly and then Renato lands a high kick. Ortega presses forward but eats a left hand. Brian with a leg kick but Moicano catches it and presses him against the cage. Renato with a nice body kick. He circles out and then lands a nice combo as Brian is coming in. Ortega presses forward and lands an overhand right. Renato land s a nice counter right hand of his own. Both men are trading in the pocket now. Renato lands a good uppercut followed by a right hand over the top. He goes to the body with a kick. Another nice combo from Renato. Brian leaps in with a flying knee. Round one comes to an end.

Round two begins and Moicano starts off with a head kick followed by a low kick. He lands a knee followed by a left hand. Ortega presses forward but eats a counter right. Brian circles and then misses with a high kick. He lands a kick to the body followed by a stiff jab. Huge combination from Renato. He lands a nice kick to the body. Ortega might be hurt here. He continues to press forward and misses with a right hook. He lands a follow up left jab. Renato with a nice jab. He lands a good right and then an uppercut. Ortega eats it and presses forward. Renato is countering beautifully here. Ortega with a right hand and then an uppercut. Renato replies with a hard jab. Ortega goes to the body but Renato circles out. Ortega pouring it on now. He lands a nice uppercut. Renato circles out and lands a jab. Ortega leaps in but gets countered by a left hook. Renato shoots in and scores a late takedown. Round two comes to an end.

Round three begins and Moicano starts off quickly. He lands a nice kick to the body and then misses with a right hand. Ortega attempts an elbow but misses. He follows up with a head kick that just misses. He comes forward with a combination and lands some hard shots to the body. Moicano replies with a right hook. Ortega continues to press forward and lands a nice left followed by a right hook. Renato circles out and then presses forward with a combination. Ortega with a stiff jab. He continues to press the action here in round three. Renato shoots in for a takedown and Ortega catches him in a guillotine. He cranks the hold and Renato is forced to tapout. Wow!

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