UFC veteran Tom Lawlor already experiencing symptoms of head trauma?

Tom Lawlor

Head trauma is a concerning issue in impact sports.

UFC veteran “Filthy” Tom Lawlor recently spoke on the Three Amigos podcast and revealed some discomforting information that could be linked to head trauma.

“You know, six months ago, I had a concussion, and I’m not sure how much I ever really recovered from it (transcribed by Bloody Elbow). “Leading up to my fight, during fight week, there were a few instances-and this has been happening on and off for a while, six months or so, over that, for about a year-I’ll vomit randomly. I’m not sure if it’s due to…I drink a lot of coffee, so it could be that, it could be that it is one of the concussion symptoms, or it could be so damned hot here that I’m just super dehydrated.

“There’s some stuff that goes on with me that I’m not really sure what the deal is, but it makes me think twice about fighting after having some sort of head trauma. Obviously, I’m a huge pro-wrestling fan, and CTE and those sort of things are very prevalent not only in that industry, but in other professional sports like football. When you suffer a concussion, it’s easy to deal with on a daily basis for the most part, but the stuff down the road is what’s really worrisome. That’s just kinda been in the back of my head, so right now, I’m just not looking to fight in the immediate future.”

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While it wasn’t mentioned if Lawlor went to see a specialist to do an analysis on his brain, he knows there could be a connection with his symptoms and his concussions.

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