Rafael dos Anjos weighs-in on potential McGregor Mayweather superfight

Rafael dos Anjos weigh-ins

In early 2017, talks of a potential Conor McGregor vs. Floyd Mayweather superfight picked up steam as Mayweather offered McGregor $15 million to accept the boxing match. While McGregor of course didn’t publicly fire back at Mayweather, UFC President Dana White was quick to make a counteroffer as he offered the undefeated prizefighter $25 million to fight McGregor, with McGregor also getting an even $25 million.

Mayweather of course wasn’t satisfied with the $25 million dollar offer, and called UFC President Dana White a comedian as he reiterated that he would not fight for less than $100 million. Throughout all of this, boxing promoter Bob Arum has maintained that the talks are all meaningless, saying:

Bob Arum

“Let me tell you something, Conor McGregor is not a boxer, so if they box on the boxing rules with the regular gloves, a novice would beat him, because he has no experience as a boxer. On the other hand if they did [MMA], Floyd wouldn’t have a chance, so it’s just talk, and it’s absolutely nonsense for these guys to fight each other.”

“He (Dana White) is playing a game. Because Floyd is calling McGregor out, and the point is McGregor has a contract with the UFC, so no fight, even if McGregor wanted, can be done without the UFC so this is Dana White’s way of establishing that point.”

“Floyd can fight a lot of fights, with a lot of fighters for more than $25 million. When he had the contract with Showtime he made over $30 million a fight.”


Apparently Bob Arum isn’t the only one who believes the fight is a bad idea, former UFC lightweight champion Rafael dos Anjos echoed a similar sentiment as he took to Twitter to express his concern over the potential scrap:

This article first appeared on BJPenn.com on 1/21/2017.

This article appeared first on BJPENN.COM