VIDEO | Nate Diaz fined for swearing while on the set of SportsNation

Got 'eeeem 😂

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UFC veteran Nate Diaz claims that he does not like to swear.

However, sometimes Diaz’s mouth takes the spotlight and unleashes all the F bombs you can handle. While some take offense to his use of explicit language, Diaz can thank his mouth for getting him his mega fights with Conor McGregor that changed his career in the best way possible.

Diaz has recently been on a media tour and spoke with the people from SportsNation on Tuesday. Apparently, they warned Diaz of swearing while on air and the Stockton native was humorously forced to pay a fine to the swear jar after letting one slip while being interviewed.

Nate Diaz is set to rematch UFC featherweight champion Conor McGregor in another non-title welterweight rematch in the main event of UFC 202.

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