VIDEO | Nate Diaz finds time in the clinch to give Team Conor McGregor the middle finger at UFC 202

UFC star Nate Diaz is well known for his middle finger antics.

From his famous double bird after sinking in a triangle choke on Kurt Pellegrino all the way back in 2008, to his recent gestures in his fight with Conor McGregot at UFC 202, Diaz always enjoys sending out the message.

Check out Nate sneak in a salute to Team McGregor as he and “The Notorious” battle for position in the clinch.

Although Conor McGregor ended up winning a majority decision over Diaz, Nate will be waiting for their third fight, even if it doesn’t happen immediately. He is surely happy to take a vacation, especially after making an estimated $13 million for this classic fight!