Michael Bisping calls for Nick Diaz, says he’ll beat Georges St-Pierre with one arm

By bjpenndotcom - October 29, 2016

UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping is coming off a unanimous decision win over Dan Henderson in the main event of UFC 204 earlier this month, where he made his first successful title defense. Following the fight, it was revealed that Bisping could very well find himself suspended for six months for medical reasons.

Michael Bisping

With that being said, Bisping was then linked to a fight with Georges St-Pierre for UFC 206 in Toronto on December 10th. While it appeared as though the bout would be booked, with St-Pierre even going as far as to tell his fans that they would have news regarding his comeback in a couple of weeks. Unfortunately, negotiations between St-Pierre’s camp and the UFC once again came up dry, and resulted in the former welterweight kingpin releasing a statement in which he told Bisping that while he would love to fight, negotiations with the UFC came up with nothing.

Georges St-Pierre

Bisping responded in an interview of his own in which he stated that he hopes GSP and the UFC can negotiate a deal, but he is open to fighting Nick Diaz, or any other top contender on UFC 206 after being linked to a bout on the highly anticipated card for so long.

Now, in an interview with TMZ, Bisping has spoken further about both bouts, saying:

“I don’t know who is to blame [for negotiations between St-Pierre & the UFC failing] I just heard he couldn’t get a deal done. I don’t know any specifics.”

When asked if there was anything he could do to entice St-Pierre to accept the fight, The Count stated:

“I’ll fight him with one arm. One arm. I’ll still get the job done though.”

Bisping then shifted gears, discussing other possible opponents for the card:

Nick Diaz

“Listen, they spoke about UFC 206, and I like the idea of fighting on that card. All the other top middleweights, they have fights booked right now so they’re busy, so who else is there? Diaz wants to fight at 185, his last fight was against Anderson at 185, long time ago. So if Diaz is free, and wants to fight at 206, let’s do it, I’m in.

“I ain’t got no message for Nick. I got nothing against Nick, but if he wants to fight lets make some money.”


Michael Bisping