VIDEO | Max Holloway Uses His Own Words Against Him When it Comes to Title Defenses

Max Holloway has been going back and forth with Conor McGregor in verbal warfare that has played out in front of us on social media. He’s been doing the absolute opposite of his former opponent: Holloway isn’t chasing money fights (yet) and has defended his title successfully. As we move closer to UFC 223 where Conor McGregor will evidently be stripped as soon as the cage door closes, Holloway talks about how he feels about McGregor’s lack of title defenses.

“I’m going to take words from a wise guy, ‘If you’re fit to fight, defend your belt.’ And that guy was Conor McGregor. That’s his words. That’s his own words. He said if you’re fit to fight, you should defend your belt. That’s what he said. […] That’s the thing, everybody is like, ‘You’re hater, this and that.’ I’m not hating. I agree with you guys, what he do is great. Outside of the UFC and all his money stuff for himself, he’s great. But when you call a man a champion or doing champion stuff, he’s not doing those kind of things. I’m just trying to show him the difference.” – Max Holloway speaking on UFC Tonight.

It has been 18 months since Conor McGregor was crowned the UFC lightweight champion. Granted he had the multi-million dollar boxing match with Floyd Mayweather which was promoted alongside Dana White and the UFC, as well as raising a new child with his significant other. Some say he deserves his time off and others say he’d just holding the belt hostage, but it takes two to strip. The UFC hasn’t put that into action yet, but they have said it will happen soon.

Just like we’ve all been holding our breath for Conor McGregor to finally step foot back in the Octagon, we’ll all be waiting to see if they really will strip him and just how that may go down.

This article first appeared on on 3/22/2018.

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