After New Burger King Commercial, Max Holloway Is Looking Forward to Conor McGregor’s “two strips meal”

The social media war continues between former enemies turned UFC champions, Max Holloway and Conor McGregor.

There have been slight back and forths between the two since Holloway first won the featherweight title at UFC 212 by defeating Jose Aldo via third round TKO. But it has begun to heat up and get dare I say…a little spicy…

What originally stemmed from McGregor responding to Holloway’s appreciation tweet to Frankie Edgar after Edgar’s tough loss to Brian Ortega this past Saturday at UFC 222, has now turned into what looks like…a UFC fast-food battle?

With McGregor’s release of his new deal and commercial with Burger King, Holloway has now been provided with more than enough ammo to unload on his former opposition.

You went from King of Ireland to King of “chicken”? Looking forward to the two strips meal coming April 7. PS Shout out to the real fighting Irish. The ones who value whats in heart before whats on waist. Hawaii respects you and welcomes you with open arms

Holloway’s reference to the “two strip meals” is that of McGregor being stripped of his featherweight title after moving up to lightweight at UFC 205 then his inevitable title strip that will be made official at UFC 223 when the interim lightweight champion, Tony Ferguson takes on Khabib Nurmagomedov.

But the featherweight king wasn’t done there… He even went as far to slam Burger King and reach out to Wendy’s.

Yo @Wendys if you need a fighter whos about the REAL BEEF in your burgers you know who to call

It was five years ago that Holloway and McGregor met in the octagon. This also marked Holloway’s last career loss.

Could there be a real possibility that we will see these two square off again at some point? McGregor’s fighting status remains up in the air despite the word of Dana White stating that McGregor did, in fact, request to fill in for Holloway against Edgar at UFC 222, albeit after Edgar vs Ortega was already made official.

With Ortega as the clear contender next for Holloway and McGregor potentially giving boxing another go, it doesn’t feel too likely at the moment. But hey, crazier things have happened…just look at McGregor’s last time competing.


This article first appeared on on 3/5/2018.

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