Max Holloway trashes Jose Aldo: “that motherf**ker been running”

Max Holloway

In a few short weeks, in the co-main event of UFC 206, Hawaiian featherweight Max Holloway will take on former lightweight champion Anthony Pettis. If Holloway defeats Pettis, his win-streak will grow to a baffling 10-straight.

Needless to say, Holloway has done pretty much all their is to do to earn a featherweight title shot. Yet with undisputed featherweight champion Conor McGregor testing his mettle in heavier divisions, and interim champ Jose Aldo so jaded with the state of things that he’s contemplating a move to another sport, the title situation at featherweight is quite murky.

In a recent interview with RJ Clifford on SiriusXM Rush’s Toe-2-Toe, Holloway discussed his long march to the title, and suggested that, if he beats Pettis, Aldo better be ready to fight.

“Let me know if Aldo found that f*cking vaccine for that f*cking pussy-itis he got,” said a heated Holloway. “That motherf*cker been running. So tell him he can’t run for much longer. Tell him a Hawaiian is coming and I’m creeping. Tell him to be ready.”

ufc featherweight interim title fight

While Holloway admitted his preferred fight would be one with Conor McGregor, who he lost to back in 2013, he understands McGregor’s long absence from the division makes this an unlikely possibility. So, he’s content to focus on the interim champ in Aldo.

“The obvious thing is I would love to fight Conor McGregor,” he explained. “We’ve got some history there and he won and people saying he didn’t knock me out because of an injury he had. I was injured in the fight too so let’s test that theory, I want to test that theory. But being realistic, there’s a guy with an interim title inside our division. That’d be f*ckin’ wild if the UFC let me pass the interim title to fight for the real belt. I’m just being realistic, that’s why I’m saying Aldo. And Conor’s gonna be gone for a while too. They said he might not be fighting for a while.”

For the moment, however, the young Holloway says his crosshairs rest firmly on Pettis – an opponent he is plenty excited for.

“I ain’t making no excuses,” he said. “Everybody is like, ‘oh you deserve a title shot, you should wait.’ If you’re waiting then you don’t believe you’re the best guy in the world. I believe I’m the best guy in the world. Pettis has a lot of value to his name. He’s a former champion. Motherf*cker’s on a Wheaties box so that’s pretty big. He has a huge name and I look forward to the challenge.”

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