Max Holloway goes off on Jose Aldo over recent comments

Max Holloway

While it is undeniable that Max Holloway will be getting the next crack at Jose Aldo after winning the belt at UFC 206 earlier this month, there has been some confusion in regards to when the pair will fight.

While Jose Aldo has been informing fight fans that prior to Holloway vs. Pettis, ‘Blessed’, ‘Showtime’, and Aldo were all aware of the fact that the winner would fight Aldo at UFC 208 in Brooklyn, Holloway wasn’t made aware of the situation until after he TKOd Pettis.

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He spoke to Fox Sports:

“I don’t know what the hell he’s talking about,” Holloway said. “Telling me I knew before the fight — I didn’t know (expletive) before the fight. When they told me in the cage after I won that they wanted the fight Feb. 11, I thought it was 10 weeks away so I’d take two weeks off and then have an eight week camp to get ready for him. Then after everything, my adrenaline was on high and was going crazy, they got me hyped and I said what I said and then I figured out it was eight weeks so I was like holy (expletive) that’s fast but I said that’s OK we can do this.”

Unfortunately, an ankle injury resulted in Holloway being sidelined for 4-6 weeks, and as a result he was forced to turn down the offer to fight Aldo in Brooklyn. Aldo followed that up by stating that people have turned down fights with him. Holloway was quick to point out that Aldo has no room to talk about another fighter declining a fight because of an injury:

Jose Aldo

This guy is the last guy who should be talking about injuries. This mother (expletive) is the last guy that should be talking about injuries and being able to fight,” Holloway said. “He wants to talk about he never turned down an opponent in his life and he don’t pick his opponents. I can clearly — he said this, not me — he got offered to fight me. He got offered to fight me at (UFC) 205 and 206 and he would not fight me. He said he would rather fight Anthony Pettis and then he didn’t take that fight either. He’s saying ‘I don’t turn down fights’ — go ask Sean Shelby if Max Holloway ever turned down a fight. I never turned down a fight in my life.

“This guy turns down a fight and he’s blaming his coach? Come on, get out of here. My coach didn’t want me to fight on Feb. 11 but I’m going to do what I’m going to do. I love my coaches but at the end of the day I need to get in there and do the damn thing and they respect that. Feb. 11 I wanted to fight, and then I go to the doctors and I have an injury. It would dumb of me to take a fight with Jose Aldo and I can’t train four to six weeks. This guy is seriously gone in his head. I fought 10 times in the last three years. How many times did he fight? Let’s compare.”

“He says he never turned down a fight — you never showed up to six of the fights,” Holloway said. “Great you never turned down a fight, now show up to the damn things. You pulled out of six fights. I don’t know he prides himself on ‘I never turned down a fight’ but then didn’t show up for six fights. Get out of here with that talk.”

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