Stephen Thompson weighs in on what could come next for Tyron Woodley

Stephen Thompson discusses Tyron Woodley

Despite two valiant efforts, Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson has now failed twice to swipe the UFC welterweight title from Tyron Woodley. Given this, he will now re-enter the exciting welterweight contendership race in an effort to earn himself a third crack at gold.

Speaking with’s Chris Taylor, Thompson gave his take on what should be next for Woodley in the meantime. While the logical answer is Demian Maia, who will look to solidify his number one contender status against Jorge Masvidal this May, Thompson doesn’t believe it’s quite that simple.

“Well, I’ve seen a lot of back and forth stuff between Woodley and [Michael] Bisping,” Thompson said. “You know Tyron really seems to be pushing for that Bisping fight, but Bisping has been shutting him down left and right. So for the next [welterweight title shot] maybe Demian Maia? I mean, depending on what happens between him and Masvidal at UFC 211. You definitely can’t take Masvidal lightly, he is a very tough guy and very well rounded. I honestly think Maia will have his hands full with Masvidal. But if Maia wins I think he will get the next title shot and rightfully so.”

Thompson continued, elaborating on what might happened if Masvidal springs the upset on Maia at UFC 211.

“If Demian Maia doesn’t win, I don’t think Masvidal will get the next title shot, but I think he will definitely be pushed up high in the rankings. I’m not sure where Masvidal is right now, I think he is in the top ten right? Anyways I’m not sure what will happen if Jorge beats Maia. Thank god I don’t work for the UFC and I’m not their matchmaker. I would have no idea what to do then. Maybe send Woodley up [to fight Bisping]? I don’t know what would be next for him then. But right now I would say Maia is the fight that makes the most sense of course.”

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This article first appeared on on 4/6/2017. 

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