Exclusive | Tyron Woodley “If I was Stephen Thompson I would be embarrassed”

Tyron Woodley Stephen Thompson

UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley will look to make his first title defense when he squares off with Stephen Thompson in the co-main event of UFC 205 this November 12 at Madison Square Garden.

“The Chosen One” was a recent guest on BJPENN.com’s Rapid Fire segment with Chris Taylor where he discussed the heated rivalry between himself and Wonderboy. His words.

“I would not say it is hostility or bad blood. I would just say it is fact. For me personally, if I feel a certain way about somebody I am going to say it. Whether it be in interviews or if that individual is sitting next to me. I do not talk a lot of crap. I will just say what is honest and what I believe in.”

He continued:

“Some guys just seem to think I am here by mistake like it was an accident or something. Like I do not belong here in this position as champion. The bad thing for them is that is the worst thing they can think about when you have a guy like me across the octagon from them. Stephen is just not really truthful on how he feels and what he thinks. He comes in to some interviews with me and acts like we are best friends. I am just not a fan of that.”

As for the exchanges he had with Thompson’s dad on twitter, Woodley had the following to say:

“Man I did not even know that was his dad. I honestly feel kind of bad about that. I thought it was his brother. If you look at his profile picture, I do not know if he still has the same one, but the profile picture he had at the time was of Stephen and his brother or Stephen and his training partner or something. But it was not of him (Stephen) and his dad. So I had no clue. When I saw Ray Thompson I assumed it was his brother trying to get at me. Then maybe after two or three messages in he reveals that he is 61-years-old. So I was like man. I am not actually on here going back and forth with somebodys dad. If I was Stephen I would be embarrassed. I would be like Dad you embarrassed me. I am a grown man and I have you on the internet fighting my battles for me.”

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