EXCLUSIVE | Colby Covington gives timetable for jump to WWE

Colby Covington

Over the last few months, Colby Covington has been sharpening his tools not just as a mixed martial artist, but as a pro wrestler. While it’s no surprise that his experience in MMA is translating well into the pro wrestling world, he’s also finding that his forays into pro-wrestling world could be beneficial to his MMA career.

“Just slowing everything down,” Covington said on the latest episode of BJ Penn Radio when asked about the keys to success in pro wrestling. “When you’re out there, in front of a crowd, and you got a camera right in front of your face, you want to just go, go go. But, that’s not how you do it in the pro wrestling. That’s not how it works in that business. You have to be able to slow things down and really sell it. Like, if you’re doing a move, you know, you got to really sell it. You got to sell the expression and the emotion, so, just slowing things down, you know? And, I think that’s going to really help me out for MMA fighting in general, just to be patient and wait for your moment.”

With his pro wrestling career picking up steam, Covington thinks he and American Top Team owner Dan Lambert could well be ready for a jump to WWE as early as next year.

“I think I’ll be ready in the next year,” he said. “I’ve been honing my skills at Impact, you know. This year, my promos are on point. [I’m] making sure my bumps – you know, a bump is a term for taking a shot in the pro wrestling business – and making sure my finishing moves, and all my moves are correct, you know? I don’t want to make any mistakes when I’m at that level. You got to be mistake-free at that level.”

“So, you know, I think I’ll be ready. Me and Dan Lambert will be ready for WWE within the next year.”

Do you think Colby Covington has what it takes to thrive as a pro wrestler?

This article first appeared on BJPenn.com on 20/11/2017.

This article appeared first on BJPENN.COM