Eddie Alvarez: “Frankie Edgar is nobody to be f*cked with man!”

UFC lightweight champion The answer

Former UFC lightweight champion Eddie Alvarez will return to the octagon at UFC 211 on May 13 in Dallas, Texas where he will square off with Dustin “The Diamond” Poirier.

Alvarez, who trains with fellow former UFC lightweight champion Frankie Edgar, recently sat down with Chris Taylor on BJPENN.com’s Rapid Fire segment.

Taylor asked Eddie how Frankie Edgar looks ahead of his UFC 211 scrap with Yair Rodriguez.

“Frank is in prime shape right now. The thing is when we do camps together, I draw inspiration from Frankie and I think it also happens in reverse. I think we are good for each other. Because there is always days when you are down and out. Then you look over your shoulder and you see this other guy going all out and you are able to draw energy from him. So I think we do that for each other during our training camps and we are lucky enought to be on the same card together the last two fights around, or actually three fights in a row now I believe. Frankie is ready to go man. For me, regardless of who these new generation of guys are or who they are pumping up and building up to be, Frankie Edgar is nobody to be fucked with man. He never has been. He’s always been one of the best in the divisions he has been around. Whether he got all of the accolades or not. Or the proper promotion or not. He has always been one of the very best. I am looking forward to him going out there and showing everyone that these new up and coming guys aren’t as skilled as they are promoted to be. At least when compared to Frankie Edgar.”

Frankie Edgar Yair Rodriguez

Of course, Yair Rodriguez has his own opinion for how things will play out in his fight with “The Answer”. The surging UFC featherweight contender, “El Pantera” recently told Taylor that he plans to deliver on his mom’s premonition for a devastating first-round finish of Edgar.

Who do you think will win this sure to be exciting UFC featherweight scrap, Edgar or Rodriguez? Sound off PENN Nation!

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