Austin Lingo expecting a “firefight” against Nate Landwehr at UFC San Antonio: “It will be a great striking fight”

By Cole Shelton - March 23, 2023

Austin Lingo wasn’t sure when he was going to fight again.

Austin Lingo

After Lingo got injured in 2022 and had to pull out of two fights, he was booked to face Ricardo Ramos at UFC Las Vegas on March 11. Yet, on weigh-in day, Ramos missed weight by eight pounds and the fight was scrapped which was frustrating for Lingo.

“Man, it was bad,” Lingo said on Just Scrap Radio on “I was like, ‘what no way.’ Knowing Ricardo had an injury or something and couldn’t make weight, I was like that sucks for him, and I hope he gets better, but still, I don’t get to fight, I was mad. It was upsetting.”

Once the UFC confirmed his fight was off, the matchmakers spoke to him and told him to stay ready.

Just days later, Lingo was offered to step up on short notice to face Nate Landwehr at UFC San Antonio. It’s a fight in his home state which Lingo is happy about, and although he has to cut weight twice in a short period of time, he doesn’t think that will impact him.

“The matchmaker was telling me sorry and he will get me another fight soon. Alright, cool, I will fight whoever, whenever and he asked me if I wanted it soon,” Lingo said. “I told them I’d stay at weight… I stayed at weight, I stayed pretty far down so I am right near 145, just 12lbs out. It just sucks having to stay here for two weeks.”

Not only is Lingo happy about getting to fight in Texas, but he is also pleased with facing Landwehr who he knows is an all-action fighter.

“I was super happy when I found out I was fighting Nate,” Lingo said. “He’s got that personality in the ring. He doesn’t talk crap, he’s just a showboat guy, and gets the crowd going. He’s just a really cool fighter… He’s a good striker. We both hit hard, and he throws a little bit more but I weave a little bit more. I see it being a good matchup, I think it’s great.”

With Austin Lingo expecting Nate Landwehr to stand-and-trade with him at UFC San Antonio, he’s expecting a fan-friendly fight. Yet, he’s confident he will be the better striker and will get his hand raised at all is said and done.

“I see us getting into a firefight, it’s going to be a long-distance race. We will start out with a sprint and then just pace ourselves for a few more laps,” Lingo added. “I just see it being a firefight the entire time. I’ll be on my toes, watching out for his right hand, his elbows, it will be a great striking fight.”

If Lingo gets his hand raised, he knows it will be big for him. Landwehr was booked to face Alex Caceres who is ranked, so Lingo hopes a ranked opponent will be next.

“It will put me up there. I’m trying to break the top 20 and maybe by the end of the year be in the top-15,” Lingo concluded.

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