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BJPENN.COM Radio Ep. 127 // EKIC Founders

EKIC or Extreme Kumite International Championships is an all-new and innovative promotion focused on bringing authentic martial arts competition to combat sports fans around the globe. Revolutionary in their approach, the founders of EKIC aim to give combat sports athletes every opportunity available to them all under one roof, while also prioritizing fair pay to those under contract. The EKIC brand will bring three different rulesets of combat to international viewers. Freestyle Kumite, which will be modeled after some aspects of MMA but eliminates the cage and gloves. Bareknuckle Boxing under The London Rules rather than Marquess of Queensberry Rules, and finally traditional boxing as it’s seen today. All three rulesets from one promotion.

The founders of EKIC joined us to announce the official launch of the brand and discuss their goals for the company. President Ed Simpson, Vice President Mark Goldstein, and fellow VP Jeff Arcio gave BJPENN Radio exclusive insight on EKIC from it’s inception to where they see the company in five years. With an advisory board and brand ambassadors that include the likes of Hector Camacho Jr., Cung Le, and Stephan Bonnar, the EKIC team is ready to take the combat sports world by storm. Having already been bombarded by athletes interested in competing for the brand, it’s only a matter of time before EKIC grows from fledgling promotion to pugilistic powerhouse.

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