WATCH | Dillon Danis and Logan Paul agree to bizarre bet ahead of their boxing match which includes being the Best Man at a wedding

By Cole Shelton - September 12, 2023

Dillon Danis and Logan Paul agreed to a rather strange bet ahead of their boxing match on October 14.

Logan Paul and Dillon Danis

Ever since the fight has been made, Dillon Danis has taken to social media to take aim at Paul and his fiance. It’s been quite the build-up so following the press conference the two had a face-to-face and the trash talk continued. Not only did the two trash-talk one another, but they made a unique bet.

The bet was that if Dillon Danis beats Logan Paul, he would get to be the Best Man at Paul’s wedding with his fiance Nina Agdal. However, if Paul wins, he would get the entirety of Danis’ purse, and the YouTuber-turned-boxer said he would get a contract made up so the two could sign it.

Dillon Danis: If I win, I have to be the Best Man at your wedding.

Logan Paul: Okay, and if I win, I get your entire purse.

Dillon Danis: Sure.

Paul: So, here’s whats going to happen. I’m going to shake your hand and I’m going to send you a contract and you are going to ghost us.

Danis: You are going to ghost us too. How are you going to guarantee I’ll be your Best Man?

Paul: A contract. I’ll send you an executed contract.

What makes the bet more interesting is the fact that Nina Agdal has a pending lawsuit against Dillon Danis for harassing her with photos he posts online every day in the lead-up to the fight. With that, even if Danis wins, it seems unlikely that Agdal would even approve of having Danis be the Best Man for Paul at their wedding.

Also, we have seen Jake Paul try and make these purse bets in his boxing matches before, so Logan doing it shouldn’t be a surprise. None of those bets that Paul made have ever happened for different reasons as well, so it wouldn’t be a surprise to see Dillon Danis keep his purse.

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