Demetrious Johnson fires back at Ray Borg: he ain’t retiring s**t!

Demetrious Johnson

On September 9, in the main event of UFC 215, red-hot flyweight contender Ray Borg will attempt to spoil the record-breaking 11th-straight title defense of dominant divisional king Demetrious Johnson. In fact, Borg plans to go even further, as he recently told reporters he’d beat Johnson with such severity that he not only loses the title, but retires outright.

Unsurprisingly, Johnson wasn’t pleased with these comments:

“He ain’t retiring sh*t,” Johnson said on this week’s UFC 215 media conference call. “I’m just getting started. I’m 31 years old, I’m feeling better than ever. Training is going easy and I’ve fought the hardest-hitting and the most athletic guys in this division. He’s a tough competitor, and we’ll see where his mouth is after the fight night.”

Johnson then elaborated on how Borg is unlikely to show him anything he hasn’t seen before, and that the title challenger probably won’t benefit much from his training with two-time Mighty Mouse opponent John Dodson.

“I’m the champion, [I’ve] finished multiple title fights,” he said. “I’m always going out there looking for the finish, whether the opponent the dangerous or not. I’ve gone five rounds with people and I don’t even have to submit them. I could just coast my way to the scorecards, and I’m still looking for the finish and getting a one-second armbar. So for me, I’m just going out there doing what I do best, and it’s up to the world, the public, to open their eyes and recognize talent, instead of just recognizing the bullsh*t of the drama talking.”

“Anybody can go out there and watch 50 minutes of me and John Dodson,” Johnson said. “Obviously me and John Dodson have shared the Octagon, and [he and Borg] do have different skillsets. I would say I’ve grown from my last John Dodson fight, as you can see from the first John Dodson fight to the second John Dodson fight. Even though they knew what I was going to bring to the table, I was able to shut his whole entire game down. And like I said, after I got done with that fight, I was prettier than a motherf*cker, even though I fought the hardest hitting guy in the flyweight division.”

Do you think Ray Borg can shock the world with a victory of Demetrious Johnson?

This article first appeared on on 9/3/2017.

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