Dana White unsure whether Diaz brothers will ever fight again

Dana White Nick Diaz Nate Diaz

Yesterday afternoon, fan favorite lightweight Nate Diaz appeared on a special edition of The MMA Hour to give the fight community an update on the state of his career, and when he might fight again. The news was not good.

While many were expecting Diaz to announce a fight during this anticipated interview, he instead announced plans to sit out for the remainder of the year, and also suggested his brother Nick was likely to do the same.

“I’ve seen rumors about me and my brother fighting people but we haven’t done much talking,” Diaz explained on the show (via Yahoo Sports). “I think [the UFC] is trying to bring us back in but all the pressure is coming from these rumors [about who we are fighting]. I plan on sitting out this year and I’m fighting nobody.”

Apparently, these comments from Diaz have reached the ears of UFC President Dana White, who did not disagree that the Stockton, California based brothers are not likely to fight this year. In fact, the UFC boss offered an even more bleak outlook, suggesting that we may never see them in the cage again.

“He doesn’t need to fight in 2017.” White said of Nate Diaz (via BloodyElbow.com). “The guy made a lot of money. [He’s] probably good.”

“I don’t know if those guys will ever fight again,” he continued. “We offer them fights all the time. We offer fights and they turn them down. I don’t know what he wants, you know. That’s up to them. If they wanna fight next week or they never wanna fight again, that’s up to them. It’s not up to me.”

“They don’t seem like they wanna fight.”

Do you think there are any fights that could drag the Diaz brothers back into the Octagon, or is Dana White accurate in his assessment of things?

This article first appeared on BJPenn.com on 5/4/2017.

This article appeared first on BJPENN.COM