Paul Malignaggi discusses the power of Conor McGregor

By bjpenndotcom - July 27, 2017

Several weeks ago, news surfaced that Conor McGregor had extended an offer to former boxing champion Paul Malignaggi to join Team McGregor as the UFC lightweight champ prepared for his historic boxing match against Floyd Mayweather.

Conor McGregor Paul Malignaggi

Malignaggi ultimately did end up joining Conor McGregor‘s camp, as a photo of the pair sparring broke the news to the combat sports community on social media. Immediately of course, questions regarding McGregor’s training began to emerge, as Malignaggi revealed that his policy is to not discuss what takes place in the gym behind closed doors.

Conor McGregor

Interestingly enough, Malignaggi has since spoken to The Jim Rome Show to discuss McGregor’s power, which many believe is his X-Factor going into the fight, saying:

“It’s definitely above average. I wouldn’t say it’s ‘Oh my God’ power,” Malignaggi said on The Jim Rome Show on Wednesday. “This is what I call ‘Oh my God’ power, even in sparring, and you’re like ‘Oh my God,’ like wow, this guy really hits hard.

“Now, ‘Oh my God’ power is very rare. There’s above average power, so if he lands a good shot on you, I mean granted, with small fight gloves he will hurt you, but it’s not ‘Oh my God’ power where every time he touches you you’re like my goodness, this is very uncomfortable. It’s not that kind of power, but it’s good enough.”

Conor McGregor

In summary, Malignaggi discusses McGregor’s odds in the fight, saying:

“I can’t say based on a sparring session, oh I’m going to pick this guy to win the fight. But I will say this, he’s serious about what he wants to do. He has an awkwardness to where he can land some shots, and I wouldn’t say his power is what the reputation holds it for. I wouldn’t say it’s that strong, but his power is enough to where you definitely should respect it.”

on 7/27/2017.


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