Floyd Mayweather Sr. critiques Conor McGregor’s boxing

Floyd Mayweather Sr

While Conor McGregor may have been denied a boxing license in Nevada, he was granted a boxing license in California. This once again reignited talks of a potential Mayweather vs. McGregor boxing match. While both men have verbally agreed to the fight, there has been no official word on if the fight will ever take place.

Despite that, combat sports fans have continued to discuss the potential fight, with the combat sports community torn on who they think will win the fight. While many argue that in a boxing match, Mayweather would pick Conor McGregor apart and continue his undefeated streak, others believe that McGregor’s precision and power would result in him handing Mayweather the first loss of his career.

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During a recent interview, Floyd Mayweather Sr. critiqued the boxing of McGregor, saying:

“Floyd gonna whoop somebody like him’s ass anyway. Believe me. A jab would take care of his ass all day. All he’s going to be doing is trying to slide and get in. All Floyd’s going to do is [be] smooth.

“Floyd’s (going to) tear him up, man. Even though Floyd is not a big puncher, Floyd can hit him with jabs and stuff all night, man, and cut him up.”

“I don’t think his fundamentals are bad,” Floyd Sr. said. “But you got to understand, his fundamentals ain’t up there with the man, either. They got levels.”

“My son’s gonna cut his beard for him.”

While talks of a potential McGregor Mayweather fight have begun to die down after UFC President Dana White stated that McGregor would be taking 10 months off from fighting, the ‘champ champ’ recently revealed that he could very well be returning to the Octagon sooner rather than later, and that his ‘break’ was merely just a Christmas break.

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With that being said, McGregor has stated that before he returns to the cage, he needs to have a meeting with the new UFC owners.

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