Eddie Alvarez explains why he felt unthreatened by Conor McGregor during staredown

By bjpenndotcom - November 2, 2016

At the UFC 205 press conference several months ago, UFC lightweight champion Eddie Alvarez, and UFC featherweight champion Conor McGregor both appeared on stage to field questions from media members, and talk some trash in anticipation of their historic champion vs. champion fight on November 12th.

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At the conclusion of the press conference, the men came face to face for the first time for their first staredown before the fight. While the moment certainly appeared to be an intense one for fans, with McGregor getting in Alvarez’ face, forcing UFC President Dana White to separate them, Alvarez stated after the event that he had never felt more unthreatened by an opponent than he did when he came face to face with McGregor.

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While the comment seemed like a strange one to many, Alvarez recently shed some light on the comments, and explained why he felt that way during an interview with CSN Philly:

“I mean typically, when you go up on stage, your heart rate goes up and you feel…for some reason man…it was just tough. I felt like a lot of his stuff is an act, so it’s hard for me to take it serious.”

“As far as the psychological standpoint [I have him figured out]. When we get inside the cage, then I’ll take him serious. When he becomes a threat, and he steps in my space, then that’ll be the time I take him serious. But, until then, this will all be really fun.”

McGregor and Alvarez have continued to trade shots in interviews recently, with both men predicting a finish. While McGregor believes that he will put Alvarez away in the first round, the lightweight champion has gone on record to state that he believes he will finish McGregor around the ninth minute of the fight, drawing inspiration from Nate Diaz’ win over McGregor as he stated that he foresees himself rocking McGregor, and then finishing the fight with a submission.

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How do you see the fight playing out PENN Nation? Will Mystic Mac strike again, or will Alvarez play spoiler to McGregor’s plans of being a 2-division champ, and get the finish in The Empire State?


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