Dana White: Conor McGregor is taking 10 months off

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It sounds like Conor McGregor may be out of competition for a bit longer than expected.

Many were expecting “The Notorious” to take time off from fighting until his baby was born in the summer of 2017.

However, UFC President Dana White spoke with Jay and Dan on FOX Sports Live recently and talked about the current UFC lightweight champion with the timing of his fighting schedule and how McGregor has claimed that someone will have to physically take away his featherweight title.

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“That’s who Conor is. That’s how Conor is,” White said. “Conor is the best.

“I mean he’s got no fights, he’s taking 10 months off, he’s having a baby and everyone is still talking about him. He’s the best at it. Nobody is better.”

Regarding actually physically taking away the featherweight championship belt from McGregor, White explained that they don’t physically take away any championship belts. There isn’t a single physical belt that gets passed on every time a new champion is crowned. UFC champions receive a new belt for every championship fight that they do not lose.

“We don’t actually take the belt, that’s his belt,” White explained. “You can’t take away the accomplishment, he accomplished that. He won two belts at the same time, held them both at the same time. Nobody has ever done that. He’s the only one to ever do that in UFC history. Yeah, nobody beat him. He vacated it. So, for him to consider himself the champ, he can.”

According to White’s statement saying that McGregor will be out for 10 months for the birth of his first child, we may not see “The Notorious” back in action until September with his last historic fight taking place in November. Perhaps an actual fight for McGregor could take place even later than that if McGregor decides to take on his training camp for a fight after his 10-month break.

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What are your thoughts on Conor McGregor taking time off from fighting for nearly a year and still considering himself the two-weight UFC champion of the world? Sound off in the comments!

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