Conor McGregor noncommittal about return to 145 after Nate Diaz rematch

By bjpenndotcom - August 16, 2016

With Conor McGregor’s highly anticipated welterweight rematch with Nate Diaz less than a week away, many are wondering what will be next for the featherweight champ.

Conor McGregor on throne, Duane Ludwig

While UFC President Dana White has stated that McGregor will have to go down to featherweight to fight Jose Aldo in a title unification fight, McGregor appears to have his own agenda.

He spoke to MMAJunkie to discuss his future plans:

“They’re praying I don’t come back,” McGregor said. “Tell me one time I missed weight. I even made championship weight when I wasn’t supposed to make it, when there wasn’t a championship on the line.

“I’m the world champion – of course I’ll defend that at some point in the future. But we’ll see what happens after this fight.”

“I’ve beaten everybody in the division,” McGregor said. “If Frankie had won that last fight, after all that he and his team were talking, it would have been set it stone: I’m going back down to shut that man up. But he got slapped around that fight – couldn’t do nothing against a guy I KOd in one shot. So I’ve just got to see it out, see what happens after this fight.

“But I’m the featherweight world champion. The guy I KOd in 13 seconds is holding the interim. What does that tell you? I’m leaps and bounds ahead of that featherweight division.”

It is important to mention that lightweight champion Eddie Alvarez has repeatedly asked for a fight with the winner of McGregor-Diaz II, leaving the door open for McGregor to potentially contest for the lightweight championship.

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