Conor McGregor blasts Donald Cerrone once again

Conor McGregor and Donald Cerrone have been going back and forth in a war of words since a press conference last year.

Since then, McGregor has moved up to lightweight and will face Rafael dos Anjos at UFC 196 on March 5th. Cerrone, fresh off a loss to dos Anjos, will fight Alex Oliveira on Sunday in Pittsburgh.

During an interview with Severe MMA, McGregor spoke about Cerrone’s fight against dos Anjos, as well as his upcoming fight against Alex Oliveira.

“Cerrone p–sied out on that big time,” McGregor said recently when speaking to Severe MMA. “He’s fighting again this week or sometime soon. Ask (Jose) Aldo if he can fight this weekend. He cannot fight. When you win by KO, by stoppage, by a true stoppage, you put your opponent out of action for 10 months to a year.

“He quit in there inside that Octagon. That’s why he can go now next weekend and say ‘Oh, I fight every week’ and this and that — you can fight every week if you go in and quit. If you were willing to die in there, you wouldn’t have those turnarounds.”


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