Manny Robles discusses Andy Ruiz Jr. split: ‘He doesn’t listen to anybody’

Andy Ruiz, Anthony Joshua
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Andy Ruiz Jr’s former trainer Manny Robles reveals the reason for his split from the former unified heavyweight champion and his disastrous training camp.

The Mexican fighter skyrocketed to stardom after beating Anthony Joshua by TKO in round 7 of their June 2019 bout. However, with great fame comes great responsibility, which Ruiz Jr quickly learned. The boxers rematched 6 months later, but the distractions of nice cars and hard-partying took a toll on the champion. He was outpointed and outboxed by the British fighter, eventually succumbing to a unanimous decision loss.

Following the disappointing outcome, Ruiz Jr parted ways with his former coach. However, it came as no surprise to Manny Robles:

“Actually it didn’t come as a shock to me. I seen it coming during our camp for the second [Anthony] Joshua fight,” he said in an interview with Fight Hub TV.

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“Things just weren’t going right, he wasn’t showing up at the gym. He said it himself, it’s nothing the world doesn’t know…he wasn’t disciplined, he failed coming to the gym and he failed putting in his part.”

“After the fight obviously, I didn’t have any contact with him for a little while. I sent him a few messages, I replied once if I’m not mistaken, I just lost contact with him. Then all of a sudden I get a phone call from the dad, wanting to meet with me. [He] came to the gym, we sat down, we talked, he broke the news to me but I seen it coming.”

Following Andy Ruiz Jr’s recent loss, rumours began circulating that boxing promoter Al Haymon advised Andy Ruiz Jr to part ways with the boxing trainer, but Robles was informed by a reliable source that this was not the case. He believes Andy Ruiz Jr’s camp said that as an “easy way out”:

“He doesn’t listen, Andy doesn’t listen. Andy doesn’t listen to anybody. He doesn’t listen to his dad, he doesn’t listen to no one. So I take it, it’s just easier to remove me from my position. It’s easier to blame me then to obviously take the blame himself.

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“Andy’s a great guy man, he’s a great fighter, but he’s got to learn to hold himself accountable. He’s got to learn and stare himself in the mirror and say ‘hey listen I need to change,’ ’cause it’s easy to point fingers. It’s easy to remove people and say ‘it’s his fault, it’s his fault.’ No. It’s your fault. Take the blame yourself and grow up.”

Despite their training divorce, Robles does not hold animosity towards the boxer and believes he has everything it takes to be the world champion again, crediting the fighter as “special”:

“Nah, I’m cool! I’ve been in this business for so long, you’ve got to grow a thick skin,” he said. “Just got to be able to turn a page, and look forward to other things.”

Do you think Andy Ruiz Jr used his former trainer, Manny Robles as a scapegoat? Let us know in the comments below!

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