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Thursday, 03/08/2012, 11:53 am

MMA NEWS | Faber Has No Issue With Coaching Dakota Cochrane | Warns Cast

“I’m interested to see where his head’s at with the whole thing. That will be a big deciding factor on how everyone else deals with it. It’s going to come up, there’s no doubt about that. It’s not a subject that just gets looked over. If these guys want to make fun of him or pick on him or whatever, they may be getting beat up by him, so I wouldn’t make him look too bad cause if you’re going to break a guy down and he beats you up then that kind of makes you look bad. I don’t have a problem coaching the kid. I would maybe talk him out of doing something so degrading to himself if it comes up again, but other than that just wish the best for him.”

The Ultimate Fighter Live on FX season premier is tomorrow night. Coach, Urijah Faber, comments to about the most controversial cast member of this seasons show, Dakota Cochrane.

Cochrane has been a widely discussed topic of conversation. While in college the fighting prospect participated in gay pornography and as such has gotten most of the media attention in regards to the latest season of the UFC’s reality series.

You can check out the full audio of this interview on Page 2.

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Read More: Urijah Faber (News), Dakota Cochrane (News), The Ultimate Fighter


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