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Tuesday, 04/17/2012, 05:56 pm

Jens Pulver Makes Hosting Debut | "Just Scrap" Radio Show Starts with A Little Evil!

By Chris Taylor:
The ‘Just Scrap’ radio show made it’s much anticipated premier this afternoon. The surprise host of the show was none other than former UFC Lightweight Champion, Jens ‘Little Evil’ Pulver. As we already knew, the inaugural guest was 2x UFC Champion BJ Penn.

Jens and BJ are no strangers to each other having fought two times over their storied careers. The 1st of those matches came way back at UFC 35, where Jens was able to defeat BJ in a 5 round war for the UFC Lightweight Championship. It was 5 years and a whole lot of trash talk later before the two lightweight legends would meet again in the octagon. After being opposing coaches on the Ultimate Fighter 5, there were a lot of hard feelings going into their second bout in June of 2007. A rematch that BJ would win via 2nd round submission. After the fight the two men hugged and squashed the beef.

There were no signs of bad blood on the radio show today, in fact the two former competitors sounded like the best of friends. They relived the start of their careers with the UFC and discussed the immense growth of the sport since their debuts. Their conversation was full of laughs and really gave fans an idea of what these guys have been through during their respective MMA careers. The 2 fighters colorful personalities were on full display, as they went back and forth, giving us fans an inside look into both their lives and careers.

Jens did ask BJ some tough questions, a couple in particular regarding his retirement. But, ‘The Prodigy’ stuck to what he’s been saying for a while now, which is that he is enjoying life, training when he wants to, while watching other guys go to war inside the octagon. Speaking of which, the two legends also took time to shed light on who they think will win UFC 145’s main event on Saturday night.

In my opinion the show was nothing less than awesome. The pair of former Champions were both educating as well as entertaining. It was the perfect way to start the “Just Scrap” radio show. If you missed it live, be sure to view the archive of the inaugural show! You can’t be a fan of BJ or Jens and miss this!

For those of you who caught the live broadcast, what were your thoughts of the show?

If you missed the show head to page two for the full archive.



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12 Comments to Jens Pulver Makes Hosting Debut | "Just Scrap" Radio Show Starts with A Little Evil!

  1. SmoothChaos says:

    ur the man jens! good questions show flowed smoothly!!! mad props!!

  2. Mike says:

    He’s gonna ruin the ratings.Jens Pulver is garbage.

    • Tsimanga says:

      Okay “Mike”…. “Mike” the computer warrior….lol.

      Jens rocks. They couldn’t have picked a batter host.

  3. James says:

    Nice gimme from BJ

  4. SmoothChaos says:


    PLEASE GET THEM ON YOUR SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! realest cats in the game

  5. DJ Martinez says:

    Pretty good show! I like the back & forth interview format. Can’t wait until next week. I hope to hear more opinions on MMA news!

  6. RAJAH says:


  7. Taylor says:

    Bj has so much opportunity to accomplish more. He needs to come back and reclaim the LW belt

  8. Mike Diaz says:

    Jens knocked it out the park! A whole lot better than Kenflo imo. I’d like to see the Diaz Brothers on there real soon! Keep Jens as the host for sure, don’t change a good thing! TEAM PENN!!!!!

  9. Jay Unidos says:

    Jens was lobbing giant softballs to BJ in that interview. I was waiting for at least one question that would challenge BJ a little, but it never happened. Jens is awesome, and I’m sure the radio show will get better. This interview on Open Mat Radio was the best, most recent interview with BJ:

  10. Andy says:

    Fantastic show. Jens did a great job. Knew when to talk, knew when to sit back and listen. You are a natural Jens. I was riveted listening to two legends of the sport.

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