UFC 248 Results: Israel Adesanya defeats Yoel Romero (Highlights)

Israel Adesanya, UFC 243, Dan Hooker
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Tonight’s UFC 248 event is headlined by a middleweight title fight featuring Yoel Romero taking on reigning division kingpin Israel Adesanya.

Romero (13-4 MMA) will enter tonight’s UFC 248 event headliner on a two-fight losing streak, this after suffering close decision losses to Robert Whittaker and Paulo Costa respectively. Despite the recent setbacks, ‘The Soldier of God’ is still considered to be the scariest out in the middleweight division and that is exactly why Adesanya wants to fight him.

Israel Adesanya captured the promotions undisputed middleweight championship at October’s UFC 243 event, defeating former title holder Robert Whittaker by way of TKO.

‘Stylebender’ currently sports a perfect record of 18-0, which includes seven wins under the UFC banner.

Round one of the UFC 248 main event begins and Israel Adesanya comes out quickly. Yoel Romero slowly creeps forward. He is acting very strange to start. Standing in a tight boxing position. He shuffles his feet now. Adesanya comes forward but doesn’t throw anything. Romero is bouncing around for now waiting on ‘Stylebender’ to commit. Adesanya paws with his jab. He misses with a low kick. Yoel Romero continues to bounce. He takes the center of the Octagon but won’t engage. Definitely a much different start when compared to the co-main event of the evening. The crowd is booing. Adesanya lands a low kick. Romero responds with a heavy low kick. Israel looks to establish his jab. He leaps in with a right that misses. A head kick attempt is blocked by Romero. Adesanya comes in and eats a left hand from Romero. That was the biggest shot of the round by far. Ninety seconds remain in round one. Adesanya lands a low kick. Romero inches forward and throws a head kick that misses. He leaps in with a jumping round kick to the body that lands. Adesanya fires back with a low kick. The horn sounds to end round one.

Round two of the UFC 248 main event begins and Israel Adesanya immediately comes forward with a low kick. He looks to find a home for a left hook but Romero counters with a huge hook. That landed but maybe not flush. Adesanya with a kick to the body that partially connects. Romero blocks a high kick and just misses with a counter right. Both men throw front kicks. Adesanya looks to close the distance. He does, and lands a low kick. Romero circles off the fence. ‘Stylebender’ with another low kick. Yoel Romero attempts to punch Israel in the leg but misses. Adesanya with a body shot. He lands another low kick. Romero is looking to time his left hand. He rushes in with a flurry and Adesanya is forced to retreat. Israel misses with a high kick. Just over a minute remains. Adesanya comes forward with a low kick but Romero answers with a right hand. Israel Adesanya with a snapping low kick followed by a shot to the body. The crowd is growing restless. Romero attempts a switch kick but misses. The horn sounds to end round two.


Round three of the UFC 248 main event begins and Yoel Romero comes forward early. Adesanya appears to have a swollen right cheek. Adesanya just misses with a high kick. Romero attempts a rolling thunder strike but Israel wasn’t fooled. Adesanya with a jab but Romero comes back with left. ‘Stylebender’ with a body kick and Romero just misses with a massive counter punch. Both fighters connect with low kicks. Adesanya circles along the fence. Romero rushes in with a left and then slips. He gets up and lands a low kick. Yoel Romero lands a body kick now. Israel Adesanya goes to a front kick to the body. He then lands a heavy kick to the ribs of the Cuban. Romero ducks under a punch and sticks out his tongue. Israel with a front kick. He paws with his jab and then attempts a side kick. Romero rushes in looking for a right but Izzy evades. Thirty seconds remain in the round. Israel with a right hand to the body. He lands a glancing head kick. Romero puts his hands down. The horn sounds to end round three.

Round four of the UFC 248 main event begins and Adesanya lands a nice low kick to start. Romero responds with one of his own. He just misses with a looping right hand. Yoel is stalking forward now. Romero looks for a right hand but it is not there. Romero is blocking these punches and smiling afterwards. Israel Adesanya with a hard low kick. Romero gets poked in the eye, or so it would seem. Israel seemed to acknowledge it. Yes there was definitely a poke. We have a short break for Romero to recover and then restart. Romero rushes in and lands a takedown. Adesanya gets back up easily but eats a coupe of shots for his troubles. Back to the center of the cage and Israel lands a jab. Yoel Romero steps in with a left hand. He goes to the body and lands but then misses with a wild left. Romero is throwing heat on these punches. Adesanya with a low kick. Romero charges forward with a flurry but Israel retreats and avoids. ‘Stylebender’ with a huge low kick that buckles the leg of Romero. Thirty seconds to go. Romero shoots in for a takedown. He doesn’t get it but then lands a nice left hand. Yoel is just so explosive. Adesanya with a question mark kick that misses. The horn sounds to end round four.

The fifth and final round of the UFC 248 main event begins and Israel Adesanya lands a low kick to start. Yoel Romero charges in with a flurry. He lands a follow up low kick. This round could win either man the fight. Adesanya with a low kick. He lands a jab. Romero smiles. ‘The Soldier of God’ looks to land a left hand but misses on multiple attempts. Both fighters with good straight lefts. Another good low kick lands for Adesanya. Romero returns fire with a pair of his own. Two minutes remain. A big final minute could likely win this for either man. Yoel Romero charges forward with a flurry but Adesanya ducks and runs aside. Romero with a nice left hand. He just misses with a combination. Israel Adesanya goes high with a kick but the Cuban blocks it. Forty-five seconds remain. The crowd is booing. Romero with a low kick. Adesanya with a jab that falls short. He lands a nice low kick. Romero with a big left hand. He charges forward with another. He lands a left and then a body kick and this fight is all over.

Official UFC 248 Result: Israel Adesanya def. Yoel Romero by unanimous decision (48-47 x2, 49-46)

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This article first appeared on BJPENN.com March 7, 2020

This article appeared first on BJPENN.COM