UFC Fight Night 116 Results: Olivier Aubin-Mercier defeats Tony Martin via split-decision

By Chris Taylor - September 16, 2017

A lightweight tilt between Tony Martin and Olivier Aubin-Mercier took place during tonight’s UFC Fight Night 116 prelims in Pittsburgh.

Round one begins and Martin quickly takes the center of the cage. He throws a nice inside low kick that lands. Aubin-Mercier misses with an attempted right hook. Both men fire off hard low kicks. Olivier goes to the body with a kick. Martin presses forward but can’t find an opening. Olivier lands a left hand and then follows that up with a kick to the body. Martin circles and then connects with a jab. Aubin-Mercier just misses with a high kick. He lands a left. Martin quickly responds with a right hand. Tony with another straight right. He lands an uppercut. Olivier drops down and shoots in for a takedown. He presses Martin against the cage but Tony switches the position. He lands two nice knees to the body of Olivier. Aubin-Mercier gets a body lock and is able to drag Martin to the floor. Olivier with a couple of nice shots before Martin scrambles and gets back to his feet. Olivier with a nice left hand before the horn sounds to end round one.

Round two begins and Aubin-Mercier lands a nice inside low kick. He presses forward with a left hand over the top that misses. Martin presses forward but Olivier catches him with a left high kick. Aubin-Mercier presses Martin against the fence and once again is able to secure a takedown. He begins working some right hands. Martin switches to a butterfly guard from the bottom. Olivier is able to pass to half guard and then moves to side control. Both men are landing strikes now. Martin scrambles to his feet but Aubin-Mercier is all over him. He scores another trip takedown. Martin catches Olivier with an upkick but Aubin-Mercier appears to be ok. More ground and pound from OAM to close out the round.

Round three begins and Martin is on the attack quickly. Aubin-Mercier shoots in for a single leg. Tony winds up locking in a tight anaconda choke on Olivier. The submission attempt is in deep but somehow OAM is able to survive. Martin moves to the back of Aubin-Mercier. He locks in a body triangle. Big shots from the back by Martin. OAM looks exhausted. More strikes from Martin. The horn sounds to end round three.

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