UFC Fight Night 118 Results: Darren Till stops Donald Cerrone in Round 1 (VIDEO)

By Chris Taylor - October 21, 2017

A key welterweight scrap featuring Donald Cerrone taking on Darren Till served as the main event of today’s UFC Fight Night 118 card in Gdansk, Poland.

Darren Till, UFC Gdansk

Round one begins and Till quickly takes the center of the cage. Cerrone misses with a spinning kick. Cerrone shoots in for a takedown but Darren stuffs it easily. Till with a nice left hand followed by a straight right. He goes upstairs with a head kick but it is blocked. Cerrone circles and then charges forward with a right hand. He lands a leg kick. “Cowboy” shoots in and scores with a double leg takedown. Till immediately shoots back up to his feet. Cerrone has him pressed against the cage. He lands a knee and then they break. Till lands a nice left hook. He lands another. Donald responds with a low kick. “Cowboy” sneaks in a short right hand. Till continues to press forward. He lands a right. Cerrone replies with a kick to the body. “Cowboy” misses with an attempted side kick. Darren Till counters with two straight left hands. Cerrone fires back with a pair of low kicks. Till lands a right and Cerrone counters with a shot to the body. Till lands a left that staggers Cerrone. Darren jumps on Cerrone with a flurry of strikes. Cerrone goes down and Till is all over him. Ground and pound from Till now and the referee is forced to step in and stop the fight! WOW!

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