UFC Chile Results: Vicente Luque KO’s Chad Laprise (VIDEO)

By Chris Taylor - May 19, 2018

A welterweight bout between Chad Laprise and Vicente Luque kicked off tonight’s UFC Fight Night 129 main card in Chile.

Round one begins and Luque quickly takes the center of the octagon. Laprise connects with a low kick. Chad is circling along the outside and then proceeds to land a jab. Luque with a leg kick and then another. Laprise fires back with one of his own. Vincente remains in the center of the octagon. He fires off a right hand. Laprise avoids the strike and circles left. Chad is utilizing a lot of movement early. He leaps in with a knee and then tries to force a takedown. The fight briefly hits the canvas but both fighters quickly scramble back to their feet. Chad Laprise presses Luque against the cage and begins working on a single leg takedown. Vicente stuffs the attempt and breaks free from the position. Luque retakes the center of the octagon. He fires off a jab followed by a front kick to the body of the Canadian. Laprise circles and then leaps in with a combination. Vicente avoids any real damage and then attempts a high kick which is blocked. One minute remains in the opening round. Laprise rushes in with a combination but Luque counters beautifully with a punch. Laprise drops to the canvas and Vicente jumps on him with ground and pound. This one is all over folks. Wow! What a finish.

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