VIDEO | Fight breaks out in deli aisle of a grocery store

When street fights break out, there generally tends to be copious amounts of alcohol involved. If the violence can’t be attributed to alcohol, it can often be stacked up to flaring tempers at sports games or political events. Every now and then, however, violence erupts in the most unlikely of venues, and for no clear reason. This is precisely what occurs in the video at the top of this post, which shows two fully grown adults – evidently poorly-adjusted ones – beating the hell out of each other in the deli aisle of a Florida grocery store.

This footage, which was shared by the aptly titled Facebook account WTF Florida?, begins once the fight has already started. The two men involved can be seen pummelling each other against a deli display, surrounded by sliced meat, sausages and some seriously concerned shoppers.

Shortly after the video begins, one of the men seems to execute a trip, though it’s more than likely he slipped on a patch of meat grease or a puddle of his own sweat. From there, the two men quickly return to their feet, yanking at each others shirts, dipping and ducking at random, and blindly winging haymakers and overhands at one other.

Eventually, two valiant store employees wade into the chaos to intervene – much to the relief of the many audibly horrified shoppers in the area, many of whom can be heard threatening to call the police.

The men are then pulled apart, but continue to assault each other verbally.

“You f*cking attacked me, bro,” one man says to the other. 

“I didn’t even f*cking touch you,” the other replies. 

We are lucky to live in a time when controlled violence between highly-trained professionals is available nearly every weekend thanks to the UFC, Bellator, and countless other MMA promotions. With this in mind, let’s all refrain from beating each other up on the streets – or in grocery stores – and leave the violence inside the cage where it belongs.

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This article first appeared on on 1/31/2017.

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