VIDEO | Mike Perry to Colby Covington: “What’re you scared of?”

“If he [Colby Covington] crossed it [the line] enough for the UFC to set up the fight and get me the opportunity at the #3 spot in the welterweight division, i’d take it. Give me sixty days to prepare and heal, and i’d love to fight Colby Covington. I don’t back down from anybody, I don’t care what he has to say because i’m not any of those things and the internet is showing my girl much love and telling her how beautiful she is. Not like she needed to be reminded, she already knows that.

I think he’s just mad ’cause the little boy can’t grow a hair on his chin and grow a manly beard. He looks like he’s twelve years old all the time.

Fuck that little bitch. I’m ready to get this money, i’m always down to show up and fight and you can never count me out. It doesn’t matter who i’m up against or how it looks, ‘Platinum’ Mike Perry is comin’ to kill you. If I can put it all together, you know you’re in trouble.

What’re you scared of fighting a guy like me, right? Who lost to a guy by decision that you beat and who got beat up pretty bad. Well, I got cut up pretty bad. My head just decided to open up and let out some excess fluid I guess. If the UFC wants to make this fight happen, i’m down for it.

I really don’t like this motherfucker. What’s he gonna do? Grab onto me and hold me tight? Yeah, alright.”

Mike Perry is very fresh off of his most recent fight(as can be seen in the video…). He just fought this past Saturday at UFC on Fox 28 live from Orlando, Florida when he fought and suffered his second straight loss to Max Griffin.

Prior to this fight, Perry threw some verbal shade at the top-ranked contender, Colby “Chaos” Covington. Now all the buzz after the fight is surrounding a response from Covington who kicked Perry while he was down saying in a tweet:

“Hey @PlatinumPerry, maybe having your ratchet horse faced girlfriend as your head trainer isn’t the smartest idea on planet earth. But hey, when you’re the product of cousins fucking in Ocala FL how strong can your decision making skills be? #UFCOrlando”

As one can imagine, plenty of backlash has found it’s way to Covington since. Which includes responses from multiple fighters.

Covington has been campaigning for a title shot against the champion, Tyron Woodley most recently after earning the biggest win of his career over Demian Maia back in October.

How much interest do you have in a Covington vs Perry matchup and do you think Covington crossed the line with his comments?


This article first appeared on on 2/27/2018.

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